How Do You Like Us Now?

If you’ve driven along Old Highway 99 lately (between Blackburn and Anderson), you’ve no doubt noticed the new Meyer Sign & Advertising display. It’s pretty hard to miss…which is, of course, the point. In addition to our physical sign, we now have a brand spanking new “sign” that we’ve just posted along the proverbial Information Highway. The redesigned Meyer Sign & Advertising website went “live” on March 30, which made for a very Good Friday indeed.


We’re Meyer Sign & Advertising, thank you very much!

If you were familiar with our old website, the first thing you’ll notice about our new one is that it is, stylistically at least, pretty much a branding reboot. Being in the impression making business, our goal with our new website was to make a bold statement. Based on straw polls conducted among family, friends, and cohorts, we feel pretty confident in declaring, “Mission Accomplished”. With our name in simulated neon against a black background, the home page leaves no doubt as to our identity. We’re Meyer Sign & Advertising, thank you very much.In navigating our new online real estate, another thing you’ll quickly notice is the simplicity of our new site. One’s brand shouldn’t be hard to grasp, and even a cursory scroll along our website tells you what we think are the most important things to know about our company: who we are (our history in brief), what we do (our products), how we do it (our processes), and why it matters (our stories about our clients).

One of the biggest reasons for re-designing our website (and installing the new sign in front of our shop), however, was to better showcase the signs we create for our customers. Regardless of whether you’re viewing our website from a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone, the slider images from our nine product categories “pop”. After all, we’re in the visual display business — and if we can’t make our own brand stand out, whether you drive by or scroll by, it’s harder to be taken seriously when we claim to do this for our customers.

Oh…one final note regarding our new sign: it’s currently the only 10-millimeter LED message center in the Skagit Valley. All of our LED message centers are built with 12 inch by 12 inch digits, or “modules”. Each grouping of 3 LEDs – one green, one red and one blue – represents a pixel. Pixels are populated to each module and spaced consistently. The pitch of each module is derived by measuring the distance between each pixel. Increasing the pitch spreads out the pixels and delivers a lower resolution. A smaller pitch compresses the pixel spacing and results in a higher resolution.

Ten millimeters is the highest resolution currently available in the LED message center market, although you can expect the trend to follow a curve similar to that of LED TVs. In the meantime, the resolution of the Meyer Sign message center gives us a lot of fun and creative options in displaying examples of the work we’ve done on behalf of our clients — which is in keeping with one of the driving concepts behind our website: The best way to promote the success of your business is to promote the success of your customers — and that’s one of the most important brand messages we can deliver.