Non-Illuminated Signs

How they work:

Great signage is like great art: there are a seemingly endless variety of media through which to communicate your brand and your message — and not all of them need an artificial source of light to have an impact.

Why they’re effective:

The sheer variety of non-illuminated sign options ensures not only that you can be flexible with regard to budget, but more important, with regard to the impression you want to make. Options include custom full-color banners (vinyl, mesh, pole mounted, flags) in any size. These are ideal for trade shows, events, sports teams, school fairs, and church activities…the list goes on.

How they’re made:

In additional to vinyl, Meyer Sign & Advertising can fabricate customized displays out of a variety of other materials, including metal, PVC, MDO plywood, corrugated plastic, high density urethane (HDU), DiBond, Alumalite, and Lustre Board. Our design team can work with you to find the right look, with the right medium, at the right price.