Channel Letters

How they work:

Channel letters bring a 3-dimensional impact to signage, and make a company’s identity literally “stand out” 24 hours a day, and with virtually no limit to design creativity.

Why they’re effective:

When illuminated, channel letter displays can have all the visual impact of neon, while using lower cost light-emitting diodes (LED). But there is another advantage: they stand out just as effectively during the day.

How they’re made:

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology has greatly reduced the cost of producing channel letters, and over the years Meyer Sign & Advertising has invested in leading-edge tools that make channel letter signs affordable for a wide range of businesses who rely on “drive by” impressions.

The fabrication process begins with a computer controlled router cutting out the back of a letter from an aluminum sheet. To give dimension to this shape, another CNC machine forms its sides from a 3- to 5-inch wide metal strip. A translucent face is routed for the open side of the letter can, and a “trim cap” is applied to give it a finished appearance.