Channel Letters

How they work:

Channel letters bring a 3-dimensional impact to signage, and make a company’s identity literally “stand out” 24 hours a day, and with virtually no limit to design creativity. Meyer has been making channel letter signs for Mount Vernon business for decades so we know to make your business stand out.

Why they’re effective:

When illuminated, channel letter displays can have all the visual impact of neon, while using lower cost light-emitting diodes (LED). LED lighted signs really help your business stand out at night, but there is another advantage: channel letters stand out just as effectively during the day and look much better than neon. So if you are looking for a great all around business sign in the area around Mount Vernon, WA then channel letters from Meyer Signs is a great place to start.

How they’re made:

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology has greatly reduced the cost of producing channel letters, and over the years Meyer Sign & Advertising has invested in leading-edge tools for our shop in Mount Vernon that make channel letter signs affordable for a wide range of businesses who rely on “drive by” impressions.

The fabrication process begins with a computer controlled router cutting out the back of a letter from an aluminum sheet. To give dimension to this shape, another CNC machine forms its sides from a 3- to 5-inch wide metal strip. A translucent face is routed for the open side of the letter can, and a “trim cap” is applied to give it a finished appearance.