In a business in which every product is “custom,” we don’t have a “sales process” as it is commonly understood. Instead, we work with you through a series of steps to ensure that what you pay for meets or exceeds your expectations. We call it good planning.

The planning process addresses a number of questions:

  • What are your visual communications goals? Based on more than half a century of experience, we will work with you to create the most effective way to display your identity, whatever your unique requirements.
  • What code restrictions apply? Based on your site location, our team will perform the code research necessary to ensure that your sign meets applicable permit standards.
  • What is your budget? Given available design options, we’ll help you choose those that balance cost and impact.
  • What are the structural engineering challenges your sign poses? Based on factors that include estimated weight and wind load analysis, installation connection points and other considerations, we’ll make sure that your sign not only has impact, but is structurally sound.

Meyer Sign & Advertising’s experience in working through the above steps ensures that your sign project meets your communications goals and budget, and can be safely and securely installed according to code.